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(Please note: Only during COVID, copies of forms can be sent to: Accounts Payable).


Costs of expendable supplies such as business cards, film, film processing, postage, hard hats, safety glasses and other limited safety gear or office supplies are allowable reimbursement items when the guidance below is followed. 

Business Cards

Enrollees who have extensive public contact may order 500 or less business cards at a cost of less than $50.00. If possible and within these budgetary guidelines, ask for environmentally, friendly cardboard stock and ink. To receive reimbursement, enrollees should follow the guidelines for ITEMS LESS THAN $50.00. Business cards should NOT contain any logos for either the USDA, NRCS or NOWCC, Inc.

The following information should be on the card:

  • Name of enrollee (the phrase "Assisting the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service under a Cooperative Agreement with NOWCC" must appear under the name of the enrollee)
  • Office address (the words "Agriculture Conservation Experienced Services Program" must appear as part of the address)
  • Office phone and fax numbers
  • E-mail address

Items Less than $50.00

Enrollees who purchase any expendable supplies valued at less than $50.00 must complete the Local Travel and Expendable Supplies Expense Statement and submit for reimbursement with the appropriate documentation to the NOWCC Accounts Payable Specialist at NOWCC Headquarters.

Click here to access a fill-in online  Enrollee Local Travel and Expendable Supplies Expense Statement  or to print a blank copy using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Documentation should include original receipts (if small, tape to a letter size piece of white paper)

Items $50.00 or More

The monitor should submit written approval of the expense, to the NOWCC Field Office before an enrollee purchases any expendable supplies valued at over $50.00.

For reimbursement, Enrollees should submit the following documentation to the NOWCC Accounts Payable Specialist.